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Fun Facts

About Me

Adriana Samanez

  • Usually found at the nearest beach.​

  • Most likely to order dessert before food.

  • Will say hello to your dog first.

  • Has never said "no" to a trip.

  • Professional shoulder to cry on.

  • Proud Slytherin.

  • Has successfully pinned over 50 flowers to lapels.

Please enjoy some reviews from my friends and family:


"Hanging out with Adriana is like planning a trip to your local beach and ending up free diving and sipping spicy margs in Cancun.


Plus, getting your next profile photo."


~Ale Troilo,

friend and soon to be cousin in law


"Deepest, darkest secrets are safe with her.

Safe space for venting with no judgement.

10/10 gossip service"



best friend since the year 2000.


"Once she gets a craving,

she won't stop until she eats it.

Will always find a way to make things happen."


~Mapi, mom.


"In a word: reliable.


Also, will convince you to go to Disney World."


~Roberto, dad.


I love my friends and family and it is important to me to create memories with them that I can later look at.


Life is short so I am always in favor of making the most out of moments. Money will come back, but people and moments do not always do. Capturing photos of joyous occasions and then being able to share that with future generations is priceless, and I want to do that for you!

Every wedding is different, and that is what makes it special.
I, Adriana, vow to make your wedding photos just as special as your love story.

I promise to capture the fun, candid moments, the emotional, and the details.

I promise to give you an amazing experience and wedding photos that you will love forever.

I am Adriana, a photographer from Peru, obsessed with love, adventure and good times.

I help couples feel beautiful and remember how special their love is so that they have photographs which encompass their story together, along with their friends and family, and inspire them to share more love into the world.


Available Worldwide

We are currently based in Sydney, Australia, but we are always glad to have an excuse to get out of the city and have an adventure.  

We will never say 'no' to a Destination Wedding!

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