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A bride on her wedding dress inside a bathtub


Our coverage:

Get in touch with me through email at for more information about our coverage. Packages start from 3 hours, all the way up to 10 hours for a full wedding day.

Most of our packages also include a pre wedding photo shoot!

Our gear:

We work with state of the art cameras, lenses, and, on occasions, underwater housing and drone!

Our philosophy:

We have only one request: be absolutely and unapologetically yourself. We know how special this day is and how much thought, time and effort you put into it and we will make sure that all the moments and details are captured in the photos.

This is YOUR wedding day. We're just here to make it as special as possible. We are here to help in any other way, whether it's helping the groom to pin his flower or driving your parents to the ceremony. 

Our delivery:

Our wedding photography packages are designed to be straightforward, transparent and all-inclusive. We will select and edit the photos and you will receive them in high resolution, as well as web resolution. 

Our packages even include a special surprise!


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